Here is Lady Gaga, who is now Blue Skyz Lolita.  Richard, it was a pleasure meeting you and let me know how your trip with Lolita went on the plane back to Costa Rica.  Please send pictures and let me know how she likes her new sister Priscilla.  Has Lolita had time to meet of your yard friends below?  Thank you so much Richard and send me pictures!! Retha
Lolita's new home, daddy and new sister,Priscilla!!
                                      A short video of the gang!!
Note: All puppies are evaluated and priced accordingly. There will be a 7 % sales tax added on to purchase price when you pick up your puppy here. Thank you!!!

Blue Skyz Angus- aka Gus 
Male- dob- 2/14/2012  
      "AKC available Puppy and Adult page"
We believe in testing before we breed, to help insure the outcome!

You can view my puppies with new owners on Adopted Pups -2  Thanks!

" Please read my page, " How Could you",  before you make a commitment to adding a new young puppy to your home & family. God will bless you!

Yes, I do have 6 puppies and will be posting pictures soon. They all look so good, and I am having a hard time trying to decide who to keep!!!! As most of you know, I don't get in a hurry to sell my babies. LOL

 If you would like to be on my waiting list, please contact me with some information about you & your family. Also, please include your phone number. You must have a fenced in yard. Thank you!!!!
Email is :  Phone # 386-362-6875
Walter has a new loving home, with two beautiful young ladies and a new mom & dad  to care for him!! It was LOVE at first sight!!! 
Rueger & Baby Girl Darla has a new family, Derek, Cristi, and their lovely daughter Samantha! They came to pick up Darla and decided to take Rueger too! Bostons are like Potato Chips...... One just won't do!!!!! 
 This is Sammy- dob 5/19/2014 Sammy has a new home with Nancy and Bob.  He is a happy camper!!!!!  
All parents are HJC clear and Cerf tested, patella's normal. We get what we breed to!! Thanks
Sold!  Blue Skyz Hershey Bar has a new home and I miss him!!!!
Below are some videos of my past puppies. They all have new homes!!