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  Most of our Boston Terrier puppies are sold with limited AKC papers unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of sale. This only means they will not be used in any breeding practices and will be spayed or neutered at the proper age. I reserve the right to make this decision at the time of sale. My prices differ from show or pet , depending on the quality of each puppy. They are not cheap by any means, but they are worth every penny! There will be a Florida sales Tax of 7% added on the purchase price when you pick up your baby. 

  Bostons are designed to live inside the home as beloved family members for life. We do not want our puppies or dogs to end up in an over crowded kennel, mass producing puppies waiting for the Humane Soc. to come rescue them.  All puppies are like children, a gift from God and are not disposable! In other words, "I will not sell to Puppy Mills or Pet Stores".

 I feed an all natural Raw meat diet of Ground Beef, starting at 3 weeks old. Then I introduce them to ground Chicken and bone along with different kinds of raw meat including fish. As they mature, they can eat Raw chicken pieces. I prefer to give them Chicken necks, legs, thighs, and breast pieces, this will help keep their teeth healthy and sparkling white. My dogs & puppies  LOVE NuVet Vitamins, fruits & veggies like strawberries, blueberries sweet potatoes, green beans and their favorite is PEANUT BUTTER on bread as a treat or snack. 

   If you decide you are ready to make a commitment to one of my babies forever contact me. Please tell me something about you and your family and what your plans are for a Boston. You are welcome to bring your family and come meet all of us. No puppy will be sold without a written Health Certificate done by one of my treasured Vets. 

Thank you so much, and may God bless you and yours!

Retha Mae Hill - 1-386-362-6875
email is: rethamaehill@yahoo.com

These are the vitamins my dogs & puppies love! If you are adopting one of my babies, I hope you will order these and continue giving the best you can buy!
The phone number is: 1-800-474-7044 If you would like to order some NuVet Vitamins, you may use my order number: 64149.
I have also started using the NuVet vitamin powder for my younger puppies to add to their food. I like using both, the powder & the wafers.

 Here are a couple links to help you understand the importance of feeding raw.



Originally bred to be fighters and scrappers, over the years they evolved into pleasant companions, which prove to be in spades. Though the typical spunk and attitude shows up now and then, they are generally easy going and amiable. Their keen intellect also makes them easy to train and eager to learn.

Boston Terriers get along with the whole family and other household pets (especially like-minded Boston Terriers). This is a playful breed that likes to be involved in family occasions. They get along famously with children, but have been known to be testy with the very young. Protective at just the right times, Boston Terriers will bark and bark and bark if someone approaches the house in a suspicious way.

Prone to heatstroke, Boston Terriers should be monitored when playing outdoors on hot days. And their short snouts may cause them to snore, drool and snort kind of like Pugs. They are very easy to groom and don't shed too much.

Boston Terriers can be very happy in apartments. A good daily walk and regular activity in the park will be enough to keep them mentally and physically in shape.

A healthy Boston Terrier can live as long as 16 years. Common health problems include cataracts, heart problems and allergies.

Originating in Boston, the Boston Terrier is one of the few breeds native to the United States. Bred in the 1870s from a mixture of English Terriers and English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers were originally known as Round Heads or Bull Terriers. In 1889, several dozen owners of these dogs formed the American Bull Terrier Club, which eventually angered fanciers of the proper Bull Terrier breed. With a name change in place, the Boston Terrier Club of America was formed in 1891, and two years later the AKC registered the breed.

Boston Terriers have short, compact, muscular frames with well-balanced and graceful postures. Their short, wide and flat heads sized in proportion to their bodies have square, wrinkle-free muzzles, widely set eyes and big black noses. They have slightly arched necks and broad chests, strong limbs and short tails. Their smooth, fine coats come in brindle and white, seal and white, or black and white.

Things you should know about A Boston Terrier
What they are like to Live with:
Things you should know:
Boston Terrier History
The Boston Terrier Standard http://www.bostonterrierhub.com/akc_boston_terrier.html
" Information about a Boston Terrier and The AKC Boston Terrier Standard is below"

AKC Boston Terrier Standard
Appearance, Carriage and Condition:
The AKC Boston Terrier Standard states that Boston Terriers are lively, intelligent, compactly built, and well balanced dogs. They convey an expression that indicates a high degree of intelligence, determination, and strength, with a graceful carriage.
Weight is divided into three classes: 
Under 15 pounds

15 pounds and under 20 pounds

20 pounds and not to exceed 25 pounds

Square and flat on top. Must be in proportion to the size of the body, with flat cheeks and free from wrinkles. The foreface is square and wide, shorter in length as compared to width or depth.

The ears are small, erect, and should be as close to the corners of the skull as possible.

The eyes are large, round, darkly colored, and set wide apart. An important characteristic of the ideal Boston Terrier is an alert, intelligent expression.

Deep and wide, with well-sprung ribs.

The shoulders slope well to the back, contributing to the Boston Terrier's notable stride. The forelegs are set moderately wide apart in line with the shoulder blades' upper tips.

The thighs are strong and well muscled, bent at the stifles and set true. The hocks are short to the feet, turning neither in nor out, with a well defined hock joint. 

The feet are small and compact, with well-arched toes short nails.

Short and smooth, with a fine texture.

The AKC Boston Terrier Standard official colors are brindle, seal, or black with required white markings. If all other characteristics are equal, brindle is preferred.

Additional coat colors, including blue, red, fawn and liver may be registered with the AKC, however, they may not be shown at AKC conformation events since they are not official standard colors. The "Colored Boston Terrier" is now recognized by the United Canine Association as a breed separate from the Boston Terrier.

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