Telsa & Kenzo
                    Maggie Mae & Pheobe Snow
Wyatt Earp in  Canada!!
                 Lucy & Legend
Jennifer & Juno --Elizabeth & Brewski
Champion Bloodlines
Woof! Woof!
Bayli & Boomer
One of Miss Cami's baby girls
Cindy babysitting Sami & Boomer
Blue-Skyz Truth
Blue-Skyz Devil Wears Prada
Blue-Skyz Amy
 Noah, now is Riley with new mommy!!!
           Jackson! Gofers's son!!
Jackson loves the water!!!!
I miss you little ones!!!

Miss Rudy with new mommy Carol, 2009
                 Kia x Gofer babies
Emily Brent & Mr. Rudy Christmas 2010
Emily Brent & Mr. Rudy Christmas 2009
Emily Brent & Mr. Rudy in New York
Jean & Clyde Frog!! Merry Christmas! 2010
Joey & his new adopted family!!  2010
Bently with new mommy & brother!
Harvey with new mom & dad!
Tyler & Caden adopted together!
Blue-Skyz Jabob's Ladder in his new home! aka- Jake!
Telsa & Kenzo with Mom & Dad in Mexico City!!!! Thank you Lorena & Alberto!! I love their new bed!!
      Finley, Ashley & Ryan           Fin loves the snow!
Miss Blue-Skyz Prudence and her new Family

Dear Retha,

Thanks for the pictures we loved them. Took the baby to the Vet today got an A+. My Vet loved her thought she was the picture of health. Everything was negative. She was a trooper with vaccines and gave everyone lots of kisses. She has fit right into our crazy family like she has been here for along time. Will keep you posted in the weeks as she grows.

Teri and Jaime and of course Lilly

Hi Retha!

 Oh, thank you for the pictures....I LOVE them!!!!  And thank you too for the compliment!!!   :-D

 I am glad Desi , now Lillie, got a good home.  Is it sad to see your babies leaving?  Of course, you need some good rest, so once the babies find homes maybe it will be a little easier!

 Reggie has been such a good puppy!  He has never cried once at night.  He sleeps next to my side of the bed in a crate with just enough room to turn around.  I took him out the first night once in the middle of the night, but he hardly went at all so last night he slept through the night without going out.  His crate was clean and dry this morning.....GOOD REGGIE!  He has adjusted easily to a collar and did good!  It only took him a few times to figure out how to go down and come up the 2 steps down from our front door.  The 2 steps are not right next to each other, and already he almost sails through the air going down.  He slept on my lap last night when we were watching TV.....I love that!  He is just a WONDERFUL puppy!

 I can't thank you enough Retha for giving us such a great dog! 

 Debbi, Steve & Reggie

Yannie is now T Bo, and loves his new mom & Dad, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! Love, Retha

Hi Retha,

Just a quick note to let you know we absolutely love our new puppy. He cried a little on the way home, but I was reading a book out loud about Boston Terriers and he stopped. He slept all night in a little kennel next to our bed the first night and didn't cry at all. Last night he cried a little, but not for very long. 

He is so sweet and loveable. Our son, Daniel who is 18 years old loves him too. He did great when some of our grandchildren were over to meet him.

He doesn't seem to drink much water. I sometimes put a little in my hand to get him to drink. Is this normal?

He likes his chicken legs, thighs and ground chicken and his treats. I've got pork and liver as well, but for now we are sticking with the chicken

Thank you so much. We liked the pictures you put up on your website.

Please stay in touch.

Carolyn & Dan

     Just wanted to let ya know Rufus is a wonderful and smart dog. He has become very attached to me.. I have taken lots of pictures so here are a few so you can see how he has grown!! Enjoy!

 Zach, Annie and our niece, Kelly

Fannie Mae, has a new name Rubee, here with her new mommy Emma and her handsome brothers!Thanks for the new pictures Emma, love her new dress!!! xoxoxo

Thank you Kimmer, I love the new pictures!! Merry Christmas! Give Miles a Birthday hug and kiss from Granny!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
Hi Retha,
 We had a very nice Thanksgiving and hope that you did too.  The 'kids' are doing great, they sleep in their own crates now but they both have bed buddies.  Jackson needed something more than Maggie did...he's still such a baby.  Jackson sleeps with a big green frog that's about the size of him and maggie sleeps with a little fox.  He gets in the little bed in the living room and sucks on the side of it and kneads at the softness of the bed fur.  I think he thinks it's mommy.  Maggie is quite mean to him sometimes but he stands up to her.  They have quite the personalities.  Maggie is a little girl and Jackson loves to look at himself in the mirror! :-)  He's such a handsome boy :-)  They have alot of energy and sometimes just play until they play out and fall asleep on the floor.  They are learning pretty quickly....they know 'lets go out', 'inside', 'get in your bed' (although that's one that they sometimes want to resist), 'lets eat', if we are in the bedroom and leaving out of the room, I say 'everybody out' and they understand.

They have brought alot of smiles and laughter to our lives and they have a very good life and they know it :-)
Hope your other babies have found good homes as well.
Take care and Happy Holidays!
Julie & Bob

Chirac & Hayley with my friends Russ & Charmaine!!
Tara and her handsome family adopted 2 of our boys, thank you!!
George & Ciralux adopted Annie, Amy's sister, keep in touch George!!
Magic entered our life Retha the day we met you and your fabulous Boston terriers. We felt like we were kids in a candy store – one black & white ‘child’ was more precious than the next. Your puppies were gorgeous and so were all of the adults. But somehow Cami chose US – with her large soulful eyes, sparkling personality and TEN tiny newborn puppies in her crate. Your dedication to making sure that they all lived was what impressed us the most about finding a pet with you. You had a story about every dog at Blue-Skyz…Well,  It’s been a year and a half of joy that only Cami could have brought into our home. Every moment with her is filled with laughter, surprises and love! Seeing her puppies grow into healthy beautiful dogs brings tears to our eyes…and perhaps one day we’ll decide to bring another girl into our home! P.S. Cami is the most well-adjusted happy little soul. It must be run in her family.

Leigh and Jay Greene

Hi Retha, 
Hope you are doing well. Maggie is doing great. She definitely is full of personality, she keeps us on our toes. She has been enjoying basking in the sun whenever she can and still loves her car rides. Her brother Harry Carey is always worn out from giving her kisses all day that she requires from all of us.

Maggie May Baldwin is what we call her. We picked her up in October 2005. She is a true blessing to our lives. I do not think we could love a dog anymore then we love her and her brother Harry Carey (another Boston). She has the funniest personality and keeps us laughing. She loves car rides, peanut butter cookies, laying in the sun (any spot of sun in the house will do it) and stealing her brother's bones after he is done chewing them. We think of them and treat them as if they were our children. We are so happy to have found her she has been a special edition to our family. 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

 Love Kathleen

Katheen, it's hard to believe it has been 6 years, and Maggie looks as cute as she did back then. Thanks for all the new pictures!! God Bless!

Hello Retha

Just wanted to say hi and give you an update of how our little Logan is doing. After a few months with us now his personality has just blossomed. He is a very handsome little man and has such graceful long legs and loves running in our backyard. He and the boxer next door have morning races up and down the fence that divides our yard. He just loves to run and also enjoyed spending time with us in the pool floating on our raft this past summer.

Logan is also quite the TV watcher. He will watch any animal show that happens to be on for quite some time and races right up to the TV screen whenever he sees horses, which I believe you had at your farm out back, so funny!!

Bryan and Logan have an evening ritual of toy play time and wresting on the living room floor every night. He and my parent's Boston also get along beautifully and act like little brothers together and are a riot to watch, but when play time is over Logan is glued to myself or Bryan, as he is the most loving and affectionate Boston I've ever had the pleasure to own.

We love Logan dearly and enjoy spending time with him each and every day. Everything I heard about you and your Blue-Skye Bostons was true. I will always refer anyone interested in a Boston to you, as our little Logan has blessed our lives with much laughter, love and happiness.

Much love to you and your family and wishes for a very Merry Christmas.

Janet Hullihen
Hi Janet & Bryan, thank you for the wonderful up dated pictures and your nice letter. Thank you for giving him such a wonderful loving home. Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2012!  Please come visit when you can, xoxoxo Retha


Miles will be one tomorrow...Time has gone by so fast and I have enjoyed every moment with him and his brothers. 

He is my snuggle bug. I continue to say thank you for bringing us together and for raising the best Boston's just can't help wanting me crazy but I love my Bostons...

Miles sends his love and we will save you a piece of birthday biscuit..

Here are 2 of my very dear friends, Jim & Gwen, who stop by to visit and help me love my babies every now & then. You both are very special to me, and I love you dearly!!! Please come back more often!!
Here is Miss Dinesh, now called Georgia with her new mommy & daddy, Jill & Brian!!  I know you both love her to pieces!!!!
Love & Hugs to all of you!!!  Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!
Jessie flying away with his new family!! 
​Desi has a new home and name! Lilly!
​Reggie is now owned by Debbi & Steve

Hi Retha
 Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I am attaching some pictures of Rubee. She is great. She gets along well with our other Boston- Ringo. The boys are crazy about her. She is a bit of a slow learner but she is coming along just fine. My boys, Tomas, Andres, and Javier are in some of the pictures. 

Happy New Year and I hope to keep you updated often.


 Here are some pictures of Dinesh, now Georgia, and she is doing fabulously! She looooves taking naps on my bed, of course, and has even been asking to go outside to potty :) she is such a snuggler and is learning all kinds of commands. She is a smart one, but she really has to work hard at self control. We are so happy to have her. I will send more  pics soon!!!

This is my darling Tux, who is now Charlie with his new mom Kim!! & his new brother! Thanks Kim!!!

I should have kept this boy to show!! wow!! what a head & top line!!!! LOL
​Coka Dot & Cosmo babies-  5 boys & 3 girls
Riccardo & his lovely family adopted my precious little Jessie, and I do hope and pray he is doing well and has brought each one of you, lots of love and happiness to your beautiful family. That was a very fun day meeting all of you!!! PLease tell Jessie I love & miss him, but I know he is in good hands!! (LOTS OF HANDS)!! Hehehe
God Bless and thank you so much!!
PS: would you be so kind as to let me know how Jessie is doing!!  Thank you!!
Jim & Gwen were here when Jill & Brian came to take their new baby Dinesh home. Jim gave Dinesh a hug bye!!  Thank you JIM!!!!